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Census transcript for

William Robert Dalladay (1889-1966) & family

1891: 8 Cross Street, Woolwich, Kent. Thomas Dalladay (head) age 41, born Woolwich Kent occ Bootmaker & seller. Eliza Dalladay (wife) age 36, born Woolwich Kent. Thomas Dalladay (son) age 12, born Woolwich Kent. Edith Dalladay (dtr) age 9, born Woolwich Kent. Herbert Dalladay (son) age 6, born Woolwich Kent. William Dalladay (son) age 1, born Woolwich Kent. NA ref RG12/532/120 page 24 sch 134

1901: 8 Cross Street, Woolwich, Kent. Thos. Dalladay (head) age 52, born Woolwich Kent occ Confectioner, shopkeeper (own account). Elizabeth Dalladay (wife) age 46, born Charlton Kent. Edith Dalladay (dtr) age 19, born Woolwich Kent. Herbert Dalladay (son) age 16, born Woolwich Kent, occ Wireman. William Dalladay (son) age 11, born Woolwich Kent. Elsie Dalladay (dtr) age 7, born Woolwich Kent. Mabel Dalladay (dtr) age 5, born Woolwich Kent. NA Ref RG13/564/125 page 7

1911: On board HMS Formidable, Medway, Kent. William R. Dalladay (single) age 21, born Woolwich Kent occ Cooks mate. William was one of 636 officers and crew recorded in the census return. The Captain was Reginald A. Allenby. NA Ref RG14 PN3962 RD47 SD2 ED36 SCH9999