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Census transcript for

George Richard Luchford (1888-1963) & family

1891: 43 Clarence Street, Milton, Gravesend, Kent. William J. Luchford (head) age 44, born Rochester Kent occ Lighterman. Elizabeth M. Luchford (wife) age 34, born Barking Essex. Elizabeth M. Luchford (dtr) age 17, born Barking Essex. John W. Luchford (son) age 14, born Denton Kent. Arthur J. Luchford (son) age 11, born Denton Kent. Albert H. Luchford (son) age 7, born Denton Kent. Charles B. Luchford (son) age 4, born Milton, near Gravesend Kent. George R. Luchford (son) age 2, born Milton, near Gravesend Kent. NA ref RG12/645/161 page 29 sch 214

1901: 5 Prospect Place, Milton, Kent. Elizabeth W. Luchford (wife, head) age 44, born Barking Essex. Elizabeth M. Luchford (dtr) age 27, born Barking Essex occ Dressmaker. John W. Luchford (son) age 24, born Gravesend Kent occ Bargeman (sailing). Arthur J. Luchford (son) age 21, born Gravesend Kent occ Bargeman (sailing). Albert H. Luchford (son) age 19, born Gravesend Kent occ Bargeman (sailing). Charles B. Luchford (son) age 14, born Gravesend Kent occ Page boy (doctor). George Luchford (son) age 12, born Gravesend Kent. Alfred T. Luchford (son) age 9, born Gravesend Kent. Dora Luchford (dtr) age 6, born Gravesend Kent. Mary Curtis (mother, widow) age 76, born Stondon, Essex. NA ref RG13/712/81 page 9

1911: 2 Suffolk Road, Gravesend, Kent. Alfred William McIntier (head, married) age 32, born Greenwich London occ Coal porter. Elizabeth Mary McIntier (wife, married 4 years) age 37. Children born alive 1; Still living 1. Born Barking Creek Essex. Ivy Elizabeth Dora McIntier (dtr) age 3, born Gravesend Kent. William John Luchford (father in law, widower) age 64, born Rochester Kent occ Lighterman. Albert Henry Luchford (brother in law) age 29, born Denton Kent occ Waterman and lighterman. George Richard Luchford (brother in law) age 22, born Gravesend Kent occ Coal porter. Dora May Luchford (sister in law) age 16, born Gravesend Kent. NA ref RG14 PN3820 RD44 SD1 ED7 sch329

1939 Register: 33 Albion Road, Gravesend, Kent. George R. Luchford (male, married) DoB 3 Sep 1888 occ Coal porter. Dorothy [sic. This name was crossed out after the form’s completion and “Sarah Ann” written instead] Luchford (female, married) DoB 27 Oct 1890 [sic - year should be 1889] occ Unpaid domestic duties. George Luchford (male, single) DoB 11 Oct 1914 occ Stevedore. Alfred T. Luchford (male,single) DoB 2 Jul 1916 occ Munition worker. William Luchford (male, single) DoB 4 Feb 1919 occ Labourer engine driver's mate. Charles Luchford (male, single) DoB 25 Aug 1920 occ Labourer (cement). Doreen Luchford (female, single) DoB 10 Oct 1927 occ School. John Edward Luchford (male, single) DoB 18 Dec 1928 occ School. Ronald Luchford (male, single) DoB 2 Mar 1930 occ School. Plus one record that remains offically closed. NA ref RG101/1734C/005/30 Letter Code: DHUJ Sch 40