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Census transcript for

George James Luchford (1868-1839) & family

1871: Court Hale Lane, Rochester, Kent. George Luchford (head, widower) age 53, born Snodland Kent occ Bargeman. Emily Luchford (dtr) age 15, born Rochester Kent occ Housekeeper. Stephen Luchford (son) age 13, born Rochester Kent. Alfred Luchford (son) age 11, born Rochester Kent. Frederick Luchford (son) age 9, born Rochester Kent. George Luchford (son) age 3, born Rochester Kent. NA ref RG10/902/43 page 29 sch 173

1881: Medway Union Workhouse, Chatham, Kent. George Lutchford [sic] (inmate) age 12, born Chatham occ Scholar. George was one of 163 children aged between 3 and 17 years referred to as "inmates" and classed as "scholars". NA ref RG11/897/94 page 8

1891: No trace

1901: Army Service Corps, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot. George Luchford (head) age 32, born Rochester Kent occ Garrison Quartermaster Sergeant (Garrison Staff). Helena Luchford (wife) age 26, born Chatham Kent. Harry Luchford (son) age 6, born India. Leonard Luchford (son) age 4, born Plumstead Kent. Cyril Luchford (son) age 2, born Plumstead Kent. RG13/612/85 page 17. The entry for the Corps covered 76 pages

1911: Royal Army Clothing Dept, London SW. George James Luchford (head) age 42 (married), born Rochester Kent occ Army pensioner, War Dept; Principal foreman, Labour establishment, Army Clothing Dept. Helena Elizabeth Luchford (wife, married 17 years) age 36. Children born alive 3; Still living 3. Born Chatham Kent. Harry George Ernest Luchford (son) age 16 (single), born Lucknow India occ Bank clerk, National Penny Bank. Leonard Eustace Luchford (son) age 14 (single), born Plumstead Kent occ School. Cyril Gordon Luchford age 12 (single), born Plumstead Kent occ School. NA ref RG14 PN449 RD5 SD2 ED17 Sch736

1939 Register: 6 Upperton Road, Chislehurst and Sidcup Urban District, Kent. Leonard E. Luchford (male, married) DoB 31 Aug 1896 occ Bank accountant, Martin's Bank. Nellie G. Luchford (female, married) DoB 23 Apr 1902 occ [left blank]. Helena E. Luchford (female, widowed) DoB 26 Mar 1875 occ Incapacitated - blind. Plus two records that remain officially closed. NA ref RG101/ 1243D/023/38 Letter Code: CJQJ Sch 239