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Richard William Luchford (1848-?) & family

1851: Bulls Lane, Rochester, Kent. George Lutchford [sic] (head) age 34, born Snodland Kent occ Brigge pilot. Sarah Lutchford (wife) age 26, born Rochester Kent. Sarah A. Lutchford (dtr) age 7, born Rochester Kent. George Lutchford (son) age 4, born Rochester Kent.  Richard Lutchford (son) age 2, born Rochester Kent. Eliza Lutchford (dtr) age 1, born Rochester Kent. NA ref HO107/1610/50 page 29 sch 43

1861: On board the vessel “Petrel”, at anchor, Rochester, Kent. George Luchford (married) age 44, born Snodland Kent occ Master. Sarah Luchford (married) age 33, born Rochester Kent occ Master's wife. Richard Luchford age 9, born Rochester Kent. Charles Luchford age 7, born Rochester Kent. Emily Luchford age 5, born Rochester Kent. Stephen Luchford age 3, born Rochester Kent. Alfred Luchford age 6 month, born Rochester Kent. NA ref RG9/4478/21

1871: On board the vessel "Emily", River Thames (sleeping position). Richard Luchford (unmarried) age 20, born Rochester Kent occ Mate.  Frederick Butler (married) age 30, born Rochester Kent occ Master. NA ref RG10/905/119

1881: On board the vessel “Flirt”, Northfleet, Kent. Richard Luchford ("Other", married) age 28 born Rochester, Kent occ Master of Barge. William T. Allard ("Other") age 16, born Strood, Kent occ Bargeman. NA ref RG11/879/153

1891: On board the vessel “Eureka”, Gravesend, Kent. Richard Luchford (crew, widower) age 38, born Rochester Kent occ Master. Albert Overy (crew, single) age 24, born Stoke Kent occ Mate. Edward Hodges (crew, single) age 16, born Rochester Kent occ OS [ordinary seaman]. NA ref RG12/733/160

1901: 48 Norfolk Road, Milton, Gravesend, Kent. Richard Luchford (head) age 48, born Rochester Kent occ Master mariner. Laura K. Luchford (wife) age 29, born Rochester Kent. Letitia M. Luchford (dtr) age 5, born Gravesend Kent. Laurence R. Luchford (son) age 4, born Gravesend Kent. Olive M. Luchford (dtr) age 3 months, born Gravesend Kent. Emily Peskett (visitor) age 21, born Chichester Sussex. NA ref RG13/712/89 page 25 Sch 157

1911: 6 Prospect Grove, Gravesend, Kent. Laura Kate Luchford (head, married 17 years) age 39. Children born alive 4; Still living 3; Died 1. Born Rochester Kent. Letitia Mabel Luchford (dtr, single) age 15, born Gravesend Kent occ Apprentice shorthand typist. Laurence Richard Luchford (son, single) age 14, born Gravesend Kent occ Doctor's boy. Olive Mildred Luchford (dtr) age 10, born Gravesend Kent. NA ref RG14 PN3821 RD44 SD1 ED8 Sch88. There is no trace of Richard William Luchford in this census.