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Matthew Monk (1862-1921) & family

1871: 6 Pulford Terrace, Westminster, London. Mathew Monk (head) age 42, born Halling Kent occ Wharf Manager. Mary A Monk (wife) age 36, born Cooling Kent. Ellen Monk (dtr) age 11, born Halling Kent. Agnes Monk (dtr) age 10, born Westminster St John. Mathew Monk (son) age 8, born Westminster St John. Emily Monk (dtr) age 5, born Westminster St John. George Monk (son) age 4, born Westminster St John. James Monk (son) age 3 months, born St George Hanover Square. NA ref RG10/109/54 page 40 sch 232

1881: 2 Lavender Terrace, Battersea, London. Matthew Monk (head) age 52, born Halling Kent occ Clerk to Slate Merchant. Mary A. Monk (wife) age 47, born Cooling Kent. Matthew Monk (son) age 18, born Pimlico Middlesex occ Clerk to Cement Merchant. George Monk (son) age 14, born Pimlico Middlesex occ Waiter in Restaurant. Edwin Monk (son) age 8, born Pimlico Middlesex. Albert Monk (son) age 3, Pimlico Middlesex. NA ref RG11/644/94 page 48 sch 225

1891: 7 Iddesleigh Terrace, Grove Green Road, Leyton, Essex. Matthew Monk (head) age 28, born Westminster London occ Manager of Lime & Cement Wharf. Mary J Monk (wife) age 27, born Westminster London. Grace E Monk (dtr) age 1, born Battersea London. NA ref  RG12/1343/114 page 9 sch 52

1901: 207 Burdett Road, Mile End Old Town, London. Matthew Monk (head) age 38, born Westminster London occ Cement, lime & build materials - wharf  manager. Mary J. Monk (wife) age 37, born Westminster, London. Grace E. Monk (dtr) age 11, born Battersea London. Lilian M. Monk (dtr) age 9, born Leytonstone Essex. NA ref RG13/337/140 page 28 sch 192

1911: 87 Lichfield Road, Bow, London. Matthew Monk (head, married) age 48, born Westminster London occ Book keeper, piano manufacturer. Mary Jane Monk (wife, married 23 years) age 43. Children born alive 2; Still living 2; Died 0. Born Westminster London. Grace Emily Monk (dtr, single) age 21, born Battersea London occ Court dressmaker. Lilian Mary Monk (dtr, single) age 19, born Leytonstone Essex occ Draper's assistant. Ann Thomas (mother in law, widow) age 84, born Mawgan Cornwall. NA ref RG14 PN1633 RD21 SD2 ED17 Sch120

1939 Register: 41 Park Avenue, Barking, Essex. Lilian M. Knight (female, married) DoB 28 Feb 1892 occ Dairy manageress. Mary J. Monk (female, widow) DoB 5 Mar 1864 occ Old age pensioner. NA ref RG101/1052G RD191 SD3 Sch164 Letter code CCCN