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Thomas Monk (1823-1883) & family

1861: Greetham Street, Portsea, Hampshire. Thomas Monk (head) age 37, born Halling Kent occ Seaman, retired. Mary Monk (wife) age 38, born Horsham Surrey. George Thomas Monk (son) age 2, born Portsmouth Hants. NA ref RG9/642/42 page 35 sch 224

1871: Ann's Hill, Market House, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Thomas Monk (head) age 48, born Hawling [sic] Kent occ Pierhouse Keeper. Mary Monk (wife) age 35, born Marden Wiltshire. Alfred E. Monk (son) age 4, born Portsmouth Hants. Frederick J. Monk (son) age 1, born Alvestoke Hants. NA ref RG10/1150/113 page 15 sch 55

1881: Market House, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Thomas Monk (head) age 58, born Halling Kent occ Pensioner, RN. Alfred Monk (son) age 15, born Portsmouth Hants occ Baker. Frederick John Monk (son) age 12, born Gosport Hants. Edwin E. Monk (son) age 9, born Gosport Hants. Edith Clara Monk (dtr) age 7, born Gosport Hants. NA ref RG11/1164/104 page 30 sch 149

1881: Marden Street Post Office, Marden, Wiltshire. Mary Monk (visitor) age 45, born Marden Wiltshire occ Laundress. Living in the Household of William Benger, age 47, born Marden Wiltshire, occ Farm Bailiff, and his family. He was probably Mary’s brother. NA ref RG11/2041/62 page 1 sch 1

1891: 1 Sunnyside Street (shop), Alverstoke, Hampshire. Mary Monk (head, widow) age 53, born Marden Wiltshire occ Shopkeeper. Frederick J. Monk (son) age 21, born Gosport Hants occ Grocer's Porter. Edwin Ernest Monk (son) age 18, born Gosport Hants occ Manservant. Edith Clara Monk (dtr) age 17, born Gosport Hants. NA ref RG12/879/121 page 1 sch 1

1891: "Black Dog", 3 King Street, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Alfred Edward Monk (boarder) age 24, born Portsmouth Hants occ Grocer's Porter. Living in household of Sarah Johnson (widow) age 65 occ Landlady, Public House. NA ref RG12/881/13 page 19 sch 116. Alfred  was one of 6 boarders and 2 lodgers, the distinction being the former paid for a room and meals; the latter only for use of a room.

1901: 39 Russell Street,  Alverstoke, Hampshire. Edwin Monk (son in law) age 29, born Gosport Hants occ Upholsterer. Elizabeth O. Monk (dtr) age 22, born Whittlesea Cambs occ Dressmaker. Living in household of John Sartin (head) age 46, born Gosport Hants occ Hand Driller - Ship Work. Susan A. Sartin (wife) age 46, born Whittlesea Cambs occ Dressmaker. NA ref RG13/1011/33 page 15 sch 108

1911: 17 Durham Street, Gosport, Hampshire. Edwin Ernest Monk (head, married) age 39, born Alvestoke Hampshire occ Shipping labourer, Royal Clarence Yard. Elizabeth Odom Monk (wife, married 10 years) age 32. Children none. Born Whittlesea Cambridge. NA ref RG14 PN5636 RD91 SD1 ED14 Sch152