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Census transcript for

William Henry Neville (1860-?) & family

1861: 2 Alpha Cottages, Swanscombe, Kent.  George Neville (head) age 35, born Addington Kent occ Labourer cement works. Sarah Neville (wife) age 29, born Swanscombe Kent. Emily Neville (dtr) age 8, born Swanscombe Kent. Jane Neville (dtr) age 6, born Swanscombe Kent. William Henry Neville (son) age 9 months, born Swanscombe Kent. NA ref RG9/468/148 page 30 sch 135

1871: Swanscombe, Kent.  George Neville (head) age 45, born Addington Kent occ Cement labourer. Sarah Neville (wife) age 39, born Swanscombe Kent. Emily Neville (dtr) age 18, born Swanscombe Kent. Henry William [sic] Neville (son) age 10, born Swanscombe Kent. George Neville (son) age 8, born Swanscombe Kent. Letitia [sic] Margaret Neville (dtr) age 5, born Swanscombe Kent. Charles Ernest Neville (son) age 2, born Swanscombe Kent. NA ref RG10/887/44 page 37 sch 182

1881: Dover Castle, Kent. William Neville (unmarried) age 20, born Swanscombe Kent occ Gunner, Royal Artillery. 28 pages were devoted to the Dover Castle garrison, commanding officer Colonel Dixon Edward Hosta, age 54, born Norwich. All 370 soldiers under Col Hosta's command are all described as his "son". NA ref RG11/1002/89 page 23

1891: No trace

1901: Barracks, Shoeburyness, Essex. William Neville (head) age 40, born Swanscobe Kent occ Soldier, Warrant Officer Royal Artillery. Elizabeth Neville (wife) age 40, born Canterbury Kent. Albert Neville (son) age 13, born Sheerness Kent. Commanding officer Colonel John Ford Bally, age 56, born Somerset. 48 census pages were devoted to the barracks. NA ref RG13/1688/76 page 16

1911: 7 Western Terrace, Kings Road, Herne Bay, Kent. William Henry Neville (head, married) age 50, born Swanscombe Kent occ Army pensioner (unemployed). Elizabeth Emily Jane Neville (wife, married 27 years) age 50. Children born alive 2; Still living 2. Born Sandwich Kent. Charles Richard Burton (boarder*, married) age 73, born Chilham Kent occ Blacksmith shoeing & general. Ellen Burton (boarder*, married 26 years) age 48. Children born alive 2; Still living 1; Died 1 [these entries were crossed out]. Born Westenhanger Kent. NA ref RG14 PN4354 RD59 SD2 ED3 Sch112

* The original entries were “Wife's father” and “Father's wife” respectively but both were crossed out and “boarder” inserted instead.