Census transcript

Horace William Burridge (1851-1925) & family

1851: Watson’s Row, St Albans, Herts. Edward [sic] Burridge (head) age 22, born St Albans Herts occ Bricklayer. Eliza Burridge (wife) age 23, born St Stephens Row Gadsden [sic] Herts occ Bonnet Trimming Weaver. Horace W. Burridge (son) age 1 month, born St Albans Herts. NA ref HO107/1713/285 page 5 sch 20

1861: 12 Mortimer Market, St Pancras, London. Edward [sic] Burridge (head) age 32, born St Albans Herts occ Builder/Master employing 3 men. Eliza Burridge (wife) age 32, born Gadsden [sic] Row Herts. Horace W. Burridge (son) age 10, born St Albans Herts. Thomas W. Burridge (son) age 7, born St Albans Herts. Albert [sic] E. Burridge (son) age 2, born St Pancras Middlesex. Harriet Burridge (dtr) age 4 months, born St Pancras Middlesex. NA ref RG9/102/172 page 32 sch 788

1871 & 1881: Does not appear. Probably serving in India in 1881.

1891: 8 Bishops Road, West Hoe Road, Plymouth, Devon. William [sic] Burridge (head) age 40, born St Albans Herts occ Life assurance agent. Louisa [sic] Burridge (wife) age 35, born Cawsand Cornwall. Maria Jane Burridge* (dtr) age 9, born London Middlesex. Thomas W. Burridge (son) age 7, born Guildford Surrey. Eva M. Burridge (dtr) age 4, born Guildford Surrey. Mary J. A. Burridge (dtr) age 2, born Guildford Surrey. NA ref RG12/1735/116 pages 15-16 sch 492

* Taken to be Florence Maud. The age and birth place fit.

1901: 50 Ethelm Street, Lambeth, London. William [sic] Burridge (head) age 50, born St Albans Herts occ [illegible]. Livinia [sic] Burridge (wife) age 45, born Rame Cornwall occ Mantle machinist. Florence Burridge (dtr) age 19, born Bloomsbury London occ Mantle machinist. William Burridge (son) age 17, born Stoughton Surrey occ Labourer in [illegible]. Eva Burridge (dtr) age 14, born Stoughton Surrey. Harry Burridge (son) age 6, born Southwark London. NA ref RG13/401/125 pages 21-22 sch 175

1911: 163 Walworth Road, Newington St Mary, Southwark, London. Horace William Burridge (head, married) age 60, born St Albans Hertfordshire occ Mantle maker. Lavinia Burridge (wife, married 38 years) age 55. Children born alive 10, still living 6, died 4. Born Cawsand Cornwall occ Assisting in the business. Harry George Burridge (son) age 16, born Southwark London. Arthur Jenns (boarder*, married) age 27, born Swanscombe Kent occ Butcher. Eva Maud Jenns (boarder*, married under 1 year) age 24, born Guildford Surrey occ Mantle machinist. NA ref RG14 PN1807 RD23 SD4 ED15 Sch1

* The Jenns were Horace’s son in law and daughter respectively