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Samuel Frederick Dalladay (1864-1955) & family

1871: 36 Coleman Street, Woolwich, Kent. John Geo. Dalladay (head) age 43, born Wanstead Essex occ Shoemaker. Thirza Dalladay (wife) age 44, born Ditton March Wiltshire. William Henry Dalladay (son) age 17, born Woolwich Kent occ Labourer in dockyard. James T. Dalladay (son) age 11, born West Ham Essex. John G. Dalladay (son) age 8, born West Ham Essex. Samuel F. Dalladay (son) age 6, born West Ham Essex. Thirza A. Dalladay (dtr) age 3, born Woolwich Kent. Thomas C. Dalladay (son) age 8 months, born Woolwich Kent. NA ref RG10/776/55 page 11 sch 63

1881: 36 Coleman Street, Woolwich, Kent. John G Dalladay (head) age 53, born Wanstead Essex occ Bootmaker. Thirza Dalladay (wife) age 54, born Ditton Marsh, Wiltshire. William H. Dalladay (son) age 27, born Woolwich Kent occ Labourer. James T. Dalladay (son) age 21 born West Ham Essex occ Teacher. John G. Dalladay (son) age 18 born West Ham Essex occ Writer unemployed (CS clerk). Samuel F. Dalladay (son) age 16 born West Ham Essex occ Writer clerk (CS clerk). Thirza A. Dalladay (dtr) age 13, born Woolwich Kent. NA ref RG11/743/80 page 41 sch 254

1891: 102 Lauriston Road, Hackney, London. Samuel Dalladay (head) age 26, born Canning Town London occ Professor of Music. Emmeline Dalladay (wife) age 26, born Limehouse London. Alice Billing (sister to wife) age 23, born Limehouse London. Elizabeth Haywood (servant) age 17, born Kingsland Road London occ Servant, Domestic. NA ref RG12/205/170 page 28 sch 14

1901: 51 Cheriton Avenue, Folkestone, Kent.  Samuel Frederick Dalladay (head) age 36, born West Ham Essex occ Orgainst & teacher of music (own account, part at home). Emmeline Dalladay (wife) age 28, born Bow London. Henry Wensley (servant) age 25, born Forest Gate London occ Organist & teacher of music (assistant). Lilian Pierson (servant) age 25, born Islington London occ General servant domestic. NA ref RG13/847/125 page 1

1911: 8 Gaynes Road, Upminster, Essex. Samuel Frederick Dalladay (visitor, married) age 40, born West Ham Essex occ Organ builder (own account). The household head was Charles Henry Dean, age 39, a Commercial traveller & comprised his wife Florence Elizabeth, 2 children plus a boarder, William Percival Pring, age 31, a Theological student. NA ref RG14 PN9664 RD188 SD9 ED31 Sch239

1911: 10 Lancaster Road, Forest Gate, Essex. Emmeline Dalladay (visitor, married 14 years) age 40, born Bow London. The household head was Martha Billing, a widow, age 72, born Ilford Essex. Also Alice Billing, Martha's daughter, age 39, born Bow London occ San[itory] Inspector. Plus a boarder, Dennis Doyle, age 57, a Surveyor, HM Customs & Excise. Martha and Alice were Emmeline's mother andsister respectively. NA ref RG14 PN9378 RD188 SD2 ED5 Sch281

1939 Register: 4 Wellington Gardens, Wellington Place, Hastings, Sussex. Samuel F. Dalladay (male, married) DoB 3 Nov 1864 occ Organ builder. Emmeline Dalladay (female, married) DoB 1 Dec 1864 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Doris Dalladay (female, single) DoB 2 Mar 1917 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Nellie Flatten (female, single) DoB 10 Dec 1908 occ Paid domestic duties. NA ref RG101/2481A/ 005/21 Letter Code: EIAN