Census transcript

Jarvis Lambert Harris (1873-1941) & family

1881: Plumber’s Shop, Brenchley, Kent. Henry Harris (head) age 49, born Brenchley Kent occ Master Plumber, Painter etc. Harriet A. Harris (wife) age 45, born Brenchley Kent. Henry Harris (son) age 21, born Brenchley Kent occ Plumber & Painter. Herbert Harris (son) age 13, born Brenchley Kent. Kate Harris (dtr) age 11, born Brenchley Kent. William A. Harris (son) age 9, born Brenchley Kent. Jarvis L. Harris (son) age 8, born Brenchley Kent. Gertrude Harris (dtr) age 4, born Brenchley Kent. Adelaide Harris (dtr) age 2, born Brenchley Kent. NA ref RG11/922/5 page 3

1891: Village House & Grocer's shop, Brenchley, Kent. Jarvis L. Harris (servant) age 18, born Brenchley Kent occ Grocer's Assistant. Living in the household of Thomas Guest, age 54, a Grocer & Draper. He employed 6 others: 2 domestic servants; a shop assistant & draper; a shop assistant grocer, milliner & draper; 2 grocer's apprentices. NA ref RG12/683/8 page 10 sch 58

1901: High Street, Limpsfield, Surrey. Jarvis Harris (servant) age 28, born Brenchley Kent occ Assistant grocer. Living in the household of Stephen Cate age 36. Grocer & draper. NA ref RG13/632/15 page 21

1911: Rose Cottage, New Oxsted, Surrey. Jarvis Lambert Harris (head, married) age 37, born Brenchley Kent occ Grocer's Assistant. Jessie Laura Harris (wife, married 7 years) age 38. Children born alive 1; children still living 1. Born Brixton London. Rowland Lambert Harris (son) age 2, born Limpsfield Surrey. NA ref RG14 PN3256 RD38 SD1 ED13 Sch15

1939 Register: 11 Chepstow, North Halling, Kent, Surrey. Jarvis L. Harris (male, widowed) DoB 8 Feb 1873 occ Grocer (shopkeeper). Comment: Head special constable. Ellen Dale (female, widowed) DoB 16 Oct 1865 occ Unpaid domestic duties NA ref RG101/1848F RD not given SD not given Sch11 Letter code DJSN