Extracts from Wade Mould’s British Army Pension Record

Called up for service 6 Mar 1916, Leicester, age 24 years 120 days. Full address 3A Watling Street Leicester. Height 5 feet 4 1/2 inches. Chest measurement 33 inches when fully expanded, range of expansion 2 inches. Wife Jane Mould formerly Coveney, married 27/11/1916 [sic].

Assigned 4th Works Company Devon Regiment 15 Mar 1916. Transferred to 311th (H.S.) Labour Company 28 Apr 1917.

Discharged no longer physically fit for war service 6 Feb 1918. Disability "Loss of thumb, first and second fingers of the left hand". Origin of disability given as "about 1908" in Sheffield. "He states he was working at a planing machine when he lost his fingers." Opinion of the Medical Board records that pension claim was not due to military service. Degree of disablement assessed as less than 20%.

Disablement Pension award sheet records degree of disablement as 10% and a £20 gratuity paid (worth around £1,100 today).

Source: British Army WW1 Pension Records 1914-1920