Census transcript

Walter Chapple (1842-?) & family

1851: Exeter, Devon. James C. Chapple (head) age 56, born Axminster, Devon occ Superannuated Excise. Mary K. Chapple (wife) age 23, born Taunton, Somerset. Maria Chapple (dtr) age 13, born Alloa, Scotland. Walter Chapple (son) age 9, born Newport, Isle of Wight. Blanch Chapple (dtr) age 4, born Crediton, Devon. Rose Chapple (dtr) age 3, born Exeter, Devon. Eugene Chapple (son) age 11 months, born Exeter, Devon. NA ref HO107/1868/240 page 24 sch 75

1871:78 Kingsgate Street, St Michael, Winchester. Walter Chapple (boarder) age 29, born Cowes Hants occ Grocer's Assistant. Also: Paul B. Roswarne (head) age 32, born Gwinear Cornwall occ Grocer's Assistant. Mary C. Roswarne (wife) age 34, born Mere Wiltshire. Annie Roswarne (dtr) age 6, born Winchester Hants. Carpenter Roswarne (son) age 10 moths, born Winchester Hants. Mary Westbrook (servant) age 14, born Winchester Hants occ General Servant. NA ref RG10/1211/97 page 29 sch 186

1871: 8 Spring Street, Marylebone, London. William Chapple (head) age 33, born Beer Dorset* occ Police Constable. Elizabeth Chapple (wife) age 29, born Beer Dorset* occ Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 7, born Marylebone Middlesex. Joseph Chapple (son) age 2, born Marylebone Middlesex. NA ref RG10/164/23 pages 39-40 sch 243. *For both entries the enumerator crossed out the original entry "Devonshire" and wrongly inserted "Dorset".

1881: West side of Street, Seaton & Beer, Devon. William Chapple (head) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Fisherman. Elisabeth [sic] Chapple (wife) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Honiton Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 17, born Dorset Square London occ Fisherman. Joseph Chapple (son) age 12, born Manchester Square, London. NA ref RG11/2130/91 page 7 sch 40

1891: 65 High Street (Black Swan Inn), St Thomas, Winchester. Walter Chapple (head) age 49, born Cowes Isle of Wight occ Hotel Keeper. Annie Chapple (wife) age 33, born Cobham Surrey. Elsie Chapple, (dtr) age 6, born Winchester Hants. Nora Chapple (dtr) age 3, born Winchester Hants. Douglas B. Chapple (son) age 1, born Winchester Hants. NA ref RG12/936/97 page 2 sch 9

Clewer House School, Clewer, Berkshire. James W. Chapple* (Pupil) age 15, born Winchester Hants. William R. Chapple (Pupil) age 14, born Winchester Hants. Also 37 other pupils. Household head William N. Basher age 57, School proprieter. NA ref RG12/1012/81 page 14. *Walter and Annie’s son.

1901: 28 Christchurch Road, St Faith Within, Winchester. Walter Chapple (head) age 57, born Isle of Wight occ Own Means. Elsie Chapple (dtr) age 17, born Winchester Hants. Douglas Chapple (son), age 11, born Winchester Hants. NA ref RG13/1082/71 page 31 sch 212

278 Regency Square, Brighton, Sussex. Annie Chapple (boarder) age 38, born Cobham, Surrey. James W. Chapple (boarder) age 26, born Winchester Hants occ Bank Clerk. Household head Rosa Wagner, Boarding House Keeper. NA ref RG13/933/38 page 28 sch 193

1861: Tidecombe, Devon. William Chapple (head) age 65, born Axminster Devon occ Farmer 232 acres employing 5 Laborers and 2 boys. Sarah Chapple (wife) age 62, born Bristol. James Chapple (son) age 26, born Tiverton, Devon occ Farmer's son. Sarah Ellen Cole Chapple (dtr) age 33, born Tiverton, Devon occ Farmer's Dairy [illegible]. Emma Chapple (dtr) age 28, born Tiverton, Devon occ Farmer's Dairy [illegible]. Walter Chapple (Visitor*) age 18, born Newport, Isle of Wight occ Grocer's Assistant. Eliza Snell (Servant) age 18, born Tiverton, Devon occ House Servant. NA ref RG9/1480/127 page 10 sch 43

* Walter was William’s nephew