Census transcript

William Minifye Chapple (1838-1918) & family

1841: Main Street, Beer, Devon. James Chapple, age 40, born in County - Y occ Shoe M[aker]. Mary Chapple, age 40, born in County - Y. Charles Chapple, age 18, born in County - Y. Silas Chapple, age 15, born in County - Y. Tabitha Chapple, age 13, born in County - Y. Absalom Chapple, age 10, born in County - Y. Theophilus Chapple, age 8, born in County - Y. Thirza Chapple, age 6, born in County - Y. William Chapple, age 3, born in County - Y. NA ref HO107/214/16 page 16 sch 11

1851: Beer, Devon. James Chapple (head) age 54, born Musbury, Devon occ shoemaker. Mary Chapple (wife) age 52, born Salcombe Devon. Silas Chapple (son) age 24, born Branscombe Devon occ Baker. Tabitha Chapple (dtr) age 22, born Beer Devon occ Lacemaker. Absalom Chapple (son) age 19, born Beer Devon occ Fisherman. Thurza Chapple (dtr) age 15, born Beer Devon occ Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 13, born Beer occ Errand boy. Sarah Minifie (visitor) age 41, born Branscombe Devon. NA ref HO107/1862/704 page 7 sch 34

1861: Claps Lane, Seaton & Beer, Devon. James Chapple (head) age 63 born Musbury, occ Shoe Maker. Mary Chapple (wife) age 61 born Salcombe, occ Honiton Lace Maker. Tabitha Chapple (dtr) age 31 born Beer, occ Honiton Lace Maker. William Chapple (son) age 22 born Beer, occ Shoe Maker. NA ref RG9/1374/73 page 12 sch 85

1871: 8 Spring Street, Marylebone, London. William Chapple (head) age 33, born Beer Dorset* occ Police Constable. Elizabeth Chapple (wife) age 29, born Beer Dorset* occ Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 7, born Marylebone Middlesex. Joseph Chapple (son) age 2, born Marylebone Middlesex. NA ref RG10/164/23 pages 39-40 sch 243. *For both entries the enumerator crossed out the original entry "Devonshire" and wrongly inserted "Dorset".

1881: West side of Street, Seaton & Beer, Devon. William Chapple (head) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Fisherman. Elisabeth [sic] Chapple (wife) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Honiton Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 17, born Dorset Square London occ Fisherman. Joseph Chapple (son) age 12, born Manchester Square, London. NA ref RG11/2130/91 page 7 sch 40

1891: 5 Burwood Place, Paddington, London. William Chapple (visitor, married) age 53, born Beer Devon occ Fish Salesman. Visiting the household of Thomas W. Morgan (head) age 49, born Cork Ireland occ Surgeon Dentist. NA ref RG12/14/68 page 16 sch 128

Beer Street, Seaton & Beer, Devon. Elizabeth Chapple (head, married) age 52, born Seaton & Beer Devon occ Lacemaker. NA ref RG12/1669/149 page 15 sch 106

1901: Otters Court, Beer, Devon. Absalom Chapple (head, widower) age 70 born Beer, Devon occ Chimney Sweep. William Chapple (brother, widower) age 63 born Beer, Devon occ Fisherman. NA ref RG13/2019/111 page 34 sch 247