William Henry Chapple - family note

William’s daughter Clara Florence Chapple died from Tabes Mesenterica - TB of the lymph glands inside the abdomen. This is an illness of children caused by drinking milk from cows infected with TB. Now uncommon as milk is pasteurised.

Passenger lists record that Albert George Chapple, age 24, a wiremaker from England, left Liverpool 2/5/1901 aboard RMS Tunisian & arrived 10/5/1901 into Montreal, Quebec, bound for Ottawa, Ontario. He travelled with his brother William Thomas Chapple, age 32, a bookbinder from England also headed for Ottawa.

The Tunisian’s maiden voyage was from Liverpool to Canada in April 1900. It transferred to Canadian Pacific Line during World War 2. Renamed  Marburn in 1922, it was scrapped in 1928. Her sister ship was The Bavarian.