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The Chapple Family of Devon

10. Philip CHAPPLE [Parents]. Philip died in 1683.

In 1654 Philip married Mary BETT. Mary died 1705.

They had the following children:

(1) Philip, born 1654 & died 1714, age 60. (2)  Betty, born 1668 & died 1739, age 71.

11. Zachary CHAPPLE [Parents]. Zachary died in 1695.

Zachary married Joyce (maiden name unknown).

They had one known child:

(1) Zachary, born 1655.

12. Nicholas CHAPPLE [Parents]. Baptized 21/6/1615 in Seaton & Beer, Devon, & died in 1645, age 30.

On 20/7/1640 when Nicholas was age 25, he married Sarah PAULE, in Seaton & Beer.

They had the following children, both baptized Seaton & Beer:

(1) Sarah, baptized 1/1/1640.  (2)  Nicholas, baptized 20/1/1642.

Nicholas also married Joan EDWARDS, born 1625.

They had the following children:

(1) Henry [14]. (2) George [15].

13. Richard CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1610 in Dalwood & died 1670, age 60.

In 1640 when Richard was 30, he married Margaret WEITH (possibly Worth), born 1612. Margaret died 1641, age 29.

They had one known child:

(1) Richard [16].

Richard also married Eleanor, maiden name unknown. Born about 1615. Eleanor died in 1674, age 59.

They had one known child:

(1) Eleanor, born 1652 in Dalwood.

Fourth Generation

14. Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born about 1645 & died 1694 in Branscombe, Devon, age 49. Buried 24/6/1694.

About 1664 when Henry was 29, he married Rebecca (maiden name unknown) in Devon. Rebecca died 1680 in Branscombe.

They had the following children:

(1) Isaiah, born 1660 & died 1667, age 7. Buried 20/10/1667 in Branscombe. (2) Jane, baptized 16/4/1665 & died shortly afterwards. Buried 30/5/1665 in Branscombe. (3) Henry[17]. (4) Rebeka, born 1679 in Branscombe.

15. George CHAPPLE [Parents]. George’s baptism and death dates are unknown.

George married Mary, maiden name unknown. Mary died 1689.

They had the following children:

(1) Mary, born 1672 and died 1672. (2) George, baptized 30/9/1673 in Axminster. (3) John, born 1675 and died as infant. (4) Charles, baptized 10/9/1676 in Axminster. (5) John, baptized 2/6/1678 in Axminster. (6) Rebecca, born 1682 & died 1683, age 1. (7) Molly, born 1689.

16. Richard CHAPPLE [Parents].  Baptized 31/10/1641 in Dalwood. It’s not known when Richard died.

Richard’s wife is unknown.

They had the following child:

(1)  Henry [18].

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Fifth Generation

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