Census transcript for James Capon Parris (1889-1980) & family

1891: [illegible] Cottages, Birling, Kent. Alfred George Parris (head) age 28, born Halling Kent occ Cement labourer. Mary Ellen Parris (wife) age 29, born Snodland Kent. Ada Rebecca C. Parris (dtr) age 7, born Snodland Kent. Cicely M. E. Parris (dtr) age 6, born Birling Kent. George Edmund W. Parris (son) age 4, born Birling Kent. William H. J. Parris (son) age 2, born Birling Kent. James Capon Parris (son) age 1, born Birling Kent. William Johnson (lodger) age 28 born Pimlico London occ Cement Labourer. Ada Mary Johnson (wife) age 24, born Rochester Kent. Daisy Johnson (dtr) age 2 months, born Rochester Kent. NA ref RG12/668/81 page 25 sch 126

1901: 2 Walnut Tree Cottages, Halling, Kent. Alfred Geo. Parris (head) age 37, born Halling Kent occ Chalk quarry labourer. Mary Ellen Parris (wife) age 38, born Snodland Kent. Ada R. C. Parris (dtr) age 17, born Snodland Kent. Cicely M. E. Parris (dtr) age 16, born Snodland Kent. George E. W. Parris (son) age 14, born Birling Kent. William H. J. Parris (son) age 12, born Birling Kent. James C. Parris (son) age 11, born Birling Kent. Alfred T. Parris (son) age 6, born Hoxton London. Ernest A. V. Parris (son) age 4, born Halling Kent. Violet R. Parris (dtr) age 2, born Halling Kent. Grace E. Parris age 9 months, born Halling Kent. NA ref RG13/719/46 page 14 sch 78

1911: 1 Railway Terrace, Snodland, Kent. Alfed Geo. Parris (head, married) age 47, born Upper Halling Kent occ Laborer [sic], chalk works. Mary Ellen Parris (wife, married 29 years) age 48. Children born alive 14; Still living 11; Died 3. Born Snodland Kent. Cicely Mary Ellen Parris (dtr, single) age 26, born Snodland Kent. William Henry Parris (son, single) age 22, born Birling Kent occ Laborer, cement works. James Capon Parris (son, single) age 21, born Birling Kent occ Laborer, farm. Alfred Thomas Parris (son, single) age 16, born Hoxton London occ Reeler, paper mill. Ernest Albert Parris (son) age 14, born Upper Halling Kent occ Farm boy. Violet Ruth Parris (dtr) age 12, born Upper Halling Kent. Grace Eveline Parris (dtr) age 10, born Upper Halling Kent. Elsie Constance Naomi Parris (dtr) age 8, born Upper Halling Kent. Alfred Richard John Parris (son) age 6, born Upper Halling Kent. NA ref RG14 PN3974 RD48 SD1 ED12 Sch 28

1939 Register: 15 Woodland Avenue, Malling, Kent. James C. Parris (male, married) DoB 26 Dec 1889 occ Cement labourer heavy worker. Lilian A. Parris (female, married DoB 17 Mar 1894 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Ernest A. J. Parris (male, single) DoB 8 Oct 1916 occ Ambulance and works driver. Cecil Parris (male, single) DoB 16 May 1926 occ At school. Gwendoline E. R. Annett (female, married) DoB 11 Dec 1912 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Plus four records that remain officially closed. NA ref RG101/1831I/016/7 Letter Code: DJMN Sch 170