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This is page 10 of 11 tracing the descendants of John Parris & Jane Neville, and the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris (of Halling), Homewood, Luchford, Mayatt, Monk, Neville, Payne, Roots & Tomkin families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse the Parris pages by using the forward/back arrows to the next/previous page or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Wrotham, Kent

Seventh Generation (continued)

48.Link to census James Capon PARRIS [Parents]. Born 26/12/1889 in Birling, James died February 1980 in Maidstone, age 90. He was buried 19/2/1980.

On 26/7/1916, when James Capon was age 25, he married Alice Lilian CACKETT in Malling. Born 15/3/1895 in Hollingbourne, Alice died August 1971 in Maidstone, age 76. She was buried 23/8/1971.

They had the following children:

(1) Gwendoline, born 11/12/1912. (2) Evelyn, born 3/1/1915. (3) Ernest, born 8/10/1916. (4) Ralph, born 24/3/1922. (5) James, born 29/4/1924. (6) Cecil, born 16/5/1926. Cecil died 1/2/1976, age 49. On 29/3/1952, when Cecil was age 25, he married Sheila NOAKES. Born 12/5/1935, Sheila died 2/2/2007, age 71. And one who is still living.

49.Link to census Edward William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 5/1/1900 in Halling, Edward William died 27/7/1983 in Maidstone, age 83.

In the quarter ending June 1922, when Edward William  was age 22, he married Lizzie WATTS, daughter of Walter & Martha WATTS, in Strood. Lizzie was born quarter ending September 1899 & died quarter ending March 1965 in Dartford, age 65.

They had the following children:

(1) Edward Thomas, born 22/11/1922 in Halling & died 31/1/2008, age 85. (2) Frank Edmund, born 19/5/1924 in Halling & died 17/5/1960 in Bath, Somerset, age 35. (3) Gordon Neville, born 10/12/1939 in Halling & died there 17/1/1980, age 40. And 2 others who are still  living.

50.Link to census John Henry PARRIS [Parents]. Born 13/12/1889 in Sandwich, Illinois, John Henry died 6/6/1977, age 88. He was buried 9/6/1977 in Oak Ridge cemetery, Sandwich, Illinois. The Rev. Alfred Perkins officiated.

Around 1909, when John Henry was age about 20, he married Ethel OLMSTEAD.  Ethel was born 9/5/1890 in Iowa & died 12/10/1979 age 89.

They had the following children:

(1) Alfred Granville, born 1910. (2) John Harvey, born 1914. (3) Merle Cedric, born 21/8/1919 & died 1951. (4) Shirley, born about 1924.

51.Link to census Herbert R. PARRIS [Parents]. Born 2/2/1888 in Nebraska, Herbert died June 1970 in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska, age 82. Occupation: Manager, grain elevator.

Around 1915, when Herbert was age about 27, he married Della (maiden name & exact marriage date unknown). Della was born 6/1/1895 in Nebraska & died November 1981 in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska, age 86.

They had the following children, all born Nebraska:

(1) Dorothy, born August 1916. (2) Robert, born August 1920. (3) Earl, born about 1924.

52. Link to censusHarry Archie PARRIS [Parents]. Born 2/9/1889 in Nebraska, Harry died 27/9/1956 in Falls City, Richardson County, Nebraska, age 67. Occupation: Agent, express company.

Around 1916, when Harry was age about 26, he married Emma LEWIS. Emma was born 7/4/1892 in Nebraska & died 17/7/1954 in Falls City, Richardson County, Nebraska, age 62.

Leland A. Parris (1919-1963)They had the following children, all born Nebraska:

(1) Harriett A, born 4/5/1917 and died 20/6/1998 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Age 81. (2) Leland A, born 25/2/1919
& died 28/11/1963 in Riverside, California, age 44. (3) Betty, born 23/12/1923. Betty married Harlan
(1922-1982), date unknown.

53.Link to census Glenn Ernest PARRIS [Parents]. Born 5/3/1895 in Nebraska and died there (in Lincoln) 29/6/1972, age 77. Occupation: Farmer.

Around 1915, when Glenn was age about 20, he married Emma E. FAGAN. Emma was born 8/6/1897 in Nebraska and died there 20/1/1982, age 84. Glenn and Emma were both buried at Calvary Cemetery, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

They had the following children, all born Nebraska:

(1) Phyllis, born August 1916. (2) Donald Lee, born 27/1/1918 & died 29/11/1984 in Nebraska, age 66. On 5/4/1942, when Donald Lee was age 24, he married Verla L. WILSON. Verla was born 22/1/1922 & died 7/6/1992 in Lincoln, Nebraska age 70.

54.Link to census Lawrence PARRIS [Parents]. Born 26/1/1898 in Nebraska and died January 1976, in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, age about 77. Occupation: Labourer.

Around 1916 (exact date unknown), when Lawrence was age about 18, he married Irene STAFRIN, daughter of Axel & Eva STAFRIN. Irene was born about 1900 in Nebraska.

They had the following children, all born in Nebraska except Bernard (Colorado):

(1) Bernard Lawrence, born about 1916. (2) Eugene Kenneth, born 18/7/1918 and died 10/12/2008 in Los Angeles, California, age 90. (3) Raymond Rex, born 12/11/1921 and died 27/1/2006 in San Bernardino, California, age 84. (4) Willard, born 15/9/1923. (5) Jerald, born about 1926.

55.Link to census Lillie Blanch PARRIS [Parents]. Born 17/3/1888 in Sandwich, Illinois, Lillie Blanch died 13/2/1904 in St Joseph, Missouri, age 16.

On 13/11/1901 when Lillie Blanch was 13, she married Jack R. BRADLEY in St Joseph, Missouri. Judge John T. Warburton officiated.

They had the following child:

(1) Donald DeForest, born 23/11/1903 in Missouri, USA. It is not known when Donald died.

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Leland A. Parris, from the University of Nebraska Year Book, 1938. Click to enlarge