Steve & Pauline Jones’ Family History

Census transcript for James Robert Johnson (1864-1936) & family

1871: 6 Whittaker Terrace, Chatham, Kent. James Johnson (head) age 29, born Stepney Middlesex occ Tobacco operative. Mary A. Johnson (wife) age 31, born Mile End Middlesex. James R. Johnson (son) age 6, born St George in the East Middlesex. Albert G. Johnson (son) age 5, born Chatham Kent. Amy [sic] Johnson (dtr) age 3, born Chatham Kent. Elizabeth Dolman (mother, widow) age 68, born St Giles Middlesex.  NA ref RG10/904/114 page 2 sch 6

1881: 5 Pleasant Row, Chatham, Kent. James Johnson (head) age 38, born Stepney Middlesex occ Tobacconist. Ellen Johnson (wife) age 30, born Borough Surrey. James Johnson (son) age 18, born St George in the East Middlesex occ Tobacconist. Alice Johnson (dtr) age 13, born Chatham Kent. Henry Johnson (son) age 10, born Bethnal Green Middlesex. Frank Johnson (son) age 8, born Chatham Kent. Sarah Johnson (dtr) age 6, born Bethnal Green Middlesex. Charles J. Johnson (son) age 4, born Chatham Kent. John Johnson (son) age 1, born Chatham Kent. NA ref RG11/888/45 page 19 sch 112

1891: 33 Lounds Street, St Leonard, Shoreditch (2 rooms). Robert J. [sic] Johnson (head) age 29, born St George in East London occ Tobacco Cutter. Frances E. Johnson (wife) age 26, born Halling Kent. Mary F. Johnson (dtr) age 5, born Maidstone Kent. Gertrude A. Johnson (dtr) age 2, born Maidstone Kent. NA ref RG12/253/114-115 pages 28-29 sch 227

1901: 8 Wiltshire Row, Shoreditch, London. Robert Johnson [sic] (head) age 40, born Bethnal Green London occ tobacco cutter. Frances Johnson (wife) age 35, born Halling, Kent. Florence M. [sic] Johnson (dtr) age 13, born Maidstone Kent. Gertrude A. Johnson (dtr) age 12, born Maidstone Kent. Albert E. P. Johnson (son) age 9, born Haggerston London. James Johnson (son) age 8, born Haggerston London. Henry P. Johnson (son) age 4, born Hoxton London. Ethel Johnson (dtr) age 9 months, born Hoxton London. NA ref RG13/275/179 pages 43-44

1911: 64 Ufton Road, Downham Road, Hackney, Middlesex. Robert James Johnson [sic] (head) age 49, born Bethnal Green Middlesex occ Tobacco trade - cutter. Frances Elizabeth Johnson (wife, married 25 years) age 45. Children born alive 13; Still living 8; Died 5. Born Halling Kent. Gertrude Annie Johnson age 22, born Shoreditch Middlesex occ Tobacco trade - Baron feeder. Albert Edward Johnson age 19, born Shoreditch Middlesex occ Tobacco trade - Blender. James Johnson age 18, born Shoreditch Middlesex occ Drapery trade - Porter. Henry Parris Johnson age 14, born Shoreditch Middlesex occ Tobacco trade - Stripper. Ethel Elizabeth Johnson age 10, born Shoreditch Middlesex. Alfred Thomas Johnson age 8, born Shoreditch Middlesex. George Johnson age 5, born Shoreditch Middlesex. The “relationship to head of family” column for the children was not completed. NA ref: RG14 PN1129 RD11 SD4 ED24 SCH253.