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This is page 3 of 4 tracing the history of the Johnson family of Stepney, London. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse the Johnson pages by using the forward/back arrows to the next/previous page or following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Johnson Family of Stepney, London

10.Link to census Albert Edward Parris JOHNSON [Parents]. Born quarter ending December 1891 in Shoreditch. Albert Edward died 20/5/1946, age 54.  Cause of death: Bronchial carcinoma. He was buried 25/5/1946 in Abney Park cemetery, Stoke Newington.

On 6/2/1916, when Albert Edward was age 24, he married Florence Emily CLIFT, daughter of William Charles CLIFT, a cabinet maker, in St Peter’s Church, West Hackney. Florence Emily was born  20/2/1891 in Dalston & died 8/8/1970 age 79.

They had the following children, both born in Hackney:

(1) Albert Edward, born quarter ending June 1917.  (2) Winifred Florence, born 26/12/1923.

11.Link to census James JOHNSON [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1893 in Shoreditch, James was killed in action 18/11/1916, age 24, during the Battle of the Somme whilst serving in 11th Bn. The Border Regiment. James has no known grave & is commemorated at the Thiepval Memorial, France. Occupation: Window cleaner (at time of marriage).

Link to CWGC citationOn 27/8/1914 when James was age 21, he married Sarah Elizabeth MOSS, daughter of George MOSS, a Bootmaker, at Holy Trinity Church Hoxton, London.

They had the following children:

(1) Ivy Elizabeth, born quarter ending March 1915 in Edmonton. Ivy Elizabeth died 18/10/1945 at St Lawrences Hospital, Caterham, Surrey. Cause of death - Rupture of congenital cerebral aneurysm - was certified by Cyril Baron, Coroner for Surrey after post mortem without inquest. (2) Grace Mary, born quarter ending June 1916 in Edmonton.

12.Link to census Henry Parris JOHNSON [Parents]. Born 21/10/1896 in Hoxton, Henry died 2/3/1953 at The Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London. Occupation: In the tobacco trade.

On 10/1/1915, when  Henry was age 19 (although 21 was recorded on the certificate), he married Kate Elizabeth RICE, daughter of Joseph Thomas RICE, a Carpenter & joiner, at The Parish Church, South Hackney. Kate was born 16/11/1895 & was baptized at All Saints Church, Clapton 5/1/1896. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Gladys May, born 13/9/1916 in Hackney. (2) Irene, born quarter ending December 1917 in Hackney. (3) Henry, born quarter ending June 1919 in Hackney. (4) Gertrude Marjorie, born 21/10/1920 in Stamford Hill & died 2/2/1926 in Bethnal Green, age 5. (5) Marjery, born 24/1/1922 in Hackney. (6) Ronald James [15] (7) Eric George, born 31/3/1925 in Bethnal Green & died there 17/10/1925, age 6 months. And 3 others who may still be living.

13.Link to census Alfred Thomas JOHNSON [Parents]. Born 27/10/1902 in Shoreditch. Alfred Thomas died 31/12/1938 at Well House Hospital, Barnet, age 36. Cause of death “Bodily injuries caused the 30th day of December 1938 on the Barnet by pass Road in the Parish of Hatfield Herts, when whilst riding a pedal cycle he collided with a motor lorry which was over taking him. Misadventure” (Thomas Ottaway, Coroner for Hertfordshire (St Albans District), inquest held 3/1/1939.) Alfred Thomas was buried in Welwyn Garden City with his son Kenneth Alfred. Occupation: Journeyman baker (1924), Cafe proprietor (1932).  Lived at 44 Lindley Road, Leyton at the time of Kenneth Johnson's birth in 1924; 75 St Peters Street, Islington, London by 1932; “Fair View” St Albans Road, Hatfield at time of death.

On 27/12/1923 when Alfred Thomas was 21, he married Ivy May CHAPPLE, daughter of Charles Frederick CHAPPLE & Emily BAKER, in Hackney Register Office. Born on 9/4/1902 in Edmonton, London, Ivy May died 24/1/1993 in Ware, Herts, age 90, & was buried with her husband.

They had the following children:

(1) Kenneth Alfred, born 29/12/1924 in Clapton & died 23/4/1935 in Hatfield, age 10. (2) Peter Thomas [16]. (3) Hazel Dorothy, born 12/7/1928 in St Pancras, London & died 18/2/2014 in Bedford, age 85. On 2/9/1950, when Hazel was age 22, she married Albert George HOWARD (1927-2005) in Hatfield. (4) Evelyn May, born 4/7/1932 in Hatfield & died 18/8/2010 in Colchester, age 74. On 20/8/1955, when Evelyn was age 19, she married Eric George WHITBREAD (1932-2000) in Hatfield. And 3 others who are still living.

14.Link to census George JOHNSON [Parents]. Born 8/4/1906 in Haggerston, George died July 2000 in Daventry, age 94.

On 8/6/1925 when George was 19, he married Mary Ann Kezia MARSHALL at St Matthews, Islington. Mary Ann was born 13/2/1906 & died December 1993 in Northampton, age 87.

They had the following children:

(1) Victor George [17]. (2) James, born 1931 in Hackney. James died 20/1/1935 at the Victoria Hospital, Tite Street, Chelsea, age 4, & was buried 26/1/1935 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. Cause of death: Diptheria. And 2 others who may still be living.

Fourth Generation

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