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7. Winston Malcolm BRADBURY [Parents]. Born 21/8/1915 in Madras and baptized 1915 in St Mary, Madras (exact date unknown). Winston Malcolm died 13/10/1992 in Madras. Cause of death: Myocardial infarction. On 2/2/1940, when Winston Malcolm was age 24, he married Hilda Rachel PATTERSON (1918-2002) in Madras. They had the following children:

(1) Robton Charles, born 12/12/1939 in Madras and died there 23/12/1990, age 51. (2) Anthony Gregory, born and died Dec 1940 in Madras. (3) Charles Edwin, born 15/5/1949 in Madras and died 20/7/1971, age 22. (4) Gregory Edmund, born 20/6/1953 in Madras and died 1/3/2014, age 60. And 5 others who are, or may, still be alive.

The Bradbury Family in India

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