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2. William Henry BRADBURY [Parents]. Born 1/8/1836 in Bangalore and baptized there 23/9/1838. It’s not known when William Henry died. Sometime before 1866 (precise date and place not known), William Henry married Ann Priscilla HELLEIN, daughter of William Augustus HELLEIN and his second wife, a widow, Elizabeth PHILLIPS nee DELANG. It’s not known when Ann Priscilla was born or when she died. They had the following children:

(1) Catherine Eliza, born 29/6/1866 in Bellary, Madras & baptized there 5/11/1866. Catherine Eliza died in 1955, age about 88. On 24/6/1914, when Catherine Eliza was age 47, she married Samuel Sheen ADCOCK (1876-?), an Instructor 13th battalion Railway Volunteers and son of Thomas ADCOCK (deceased), in Bellary. (2) Charles James, born 1/3/1869 in Bellary and baptized there 21/3/1869. Charles James died 22/8/1948 at Edlington, Lake Road, Wellington, Madras, age given on burial record as 79 years 6 months. Cause of death: Cardiac failure consequent to hypostatic congesting of lungs. He was buried 23/8/1948 in Wellington Cemetery, Nilgiris. (3) Walter Leonard, born 16/3/1871 in Bellary. It’s not known whether Walter Leonard married or when he died. (4) Frank Henry, born 2/1/1872 in Bellary and baptized there 25/4/1872. It’s not known whether Frank Henry married or when he died. (5) Albert Edward, born 20/8/1874 in Bellary and baptized there 9/10/1874. Albert Edward died 11/11/1944 in Bangalore, according to the record granting Letters of Administration dated 19/9/1945 for an estate valued at 5000 Rupees. On 18/4/1900, when Albert Edward was age 25, he married Caroline Elizabeth KITTO (1877-?), daughter of Thomas KITTO, in the Wesleyan Church, Blacktown, Madras. (6) Florence Annie,  born 19/2/1877 in Bellary and baptized there 31/3/1877. It’s not known whether Florence Annie married or when she died. (7) Ernest Claude, born 21/8/1881 in Bellary and baptized there 2/12/1881. It’s not known whether Ernest Claude married or when he died. (8) Oswald Valentine,  born 19/12/1883 in Bellary and baptized there 21/3/1883. It’s not known whether Oswald Valentine married or when he died. (9) William Henry, born 8/5/1886 in Bellary. It’s not known when William Henry died. On 21/12/1916, when William Henry was age 30, he married Helen Maud DUNLOP, daughter of Charles Henry DUNLOP & Ethel Grace YOUNGS in Bhamo, Burma. Helen was born 11/2/1898 in Bhamo and baptized there 18/2/1898. It’s not known when or where she died. (10) Herbert Edgar, born 8/5/1886 in Bellary. Herbert Edgar died 1966 in Hendon, Middlesex, age 80. On 9/1/1924, when Herbert Edgar was age 37, he married Daisy Beryl Harvey JOHNSON, daughter of Robert William JOHNSON & Susan HARVEY, in All Saints Cathedral, Nagpur. Daisy was born 25/10/1903 in Raipur and baptized 7/11/1903. She died 1970 in Hampstead, London, age 66.

3. Charles BRADBURY [Parents]. Born 9/7/1854 in Jaulnah and baptized there 1/11/1854. Charles died 2/9/1899 in Washermanpettah, Madras, age given in burial record as 45. Cause of death given as Carbuncle. Charles was buried 3/9/1899 in Washermanpettah. Occupation: Permanent Way Inspector Madras Railway. On 10/11/1880, when Charles was age 26, he married Annie Maria HIGGINS (1860-?), daughter of William & Ellen Jane HIGGINS, in St Mark's Church, North Blacktown, Madras. They had the following children:

(1) Alice Maud, born 22/10/1881 in Madras and died there 7/8/1893, age given in burial record as 11 years 10 months. Cause of death: Fever. Alice Maud was buried 8/8/1893 in St Matthew's, Purasawalkam, Madras. (2) William James (3) Ernest Edwin (4) Charles, born 3/12/1888 in Madras and baptized 23/12/1888 in Christ Church, Mount Road, Masulipatnam. It’s not known whether Charles married or when he died. (5) Robert Edwin, born 2/10/1890 in Madras and baptized there 15/10/1890. It’s not known whether Robert Edwin married or when he died. (6) Ethel Higgins, born 27/9/1891 in Arakkonam and baptized there 1/11/1891. Ethel died 9/1/1892 in Madras, age given in burial record as 3 months 10 days. Cause of death given as Convulsions. Ethel was buried 10/1/1892 in Tadipatri.

The Bradbury Family in India

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