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Fairbanks & Runninghill

29. James Ratcliffe [Parents] Born May 1850 in Saddleworth, James Ratcliffe died 15/11/1914 in Marshall Township, Iowa, age 64. James Ratcliffe had emigrated to the USA with his parents & sister in 1855, age 5. Occupation: Farmer. Around 1875, when James was age about 25, he married  Mary BROCK, daughter of Alexander & Hannah BROCK, presumably in Iowa. Mary was born 25/9/1950 in Vermont and died  29/1/1929 in Marshalltown, age 64.

They had the following children, all born Marshall Township:

(1) Roy Ratcliffe (2) Carrie, born December 1882, it’s not known when she died. On 25/9/1907, when Carrie was age  24, she married Otto C. DENTZER (1883-?), son of Charles DENTZER & Christine ORTHO, in Marshall County, Iowa. (3) Ada, born 12/7/1891. Ada died sometime before the 1900 census as the family’s entry shows three children born, two still living at that time.

Bradbury of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

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