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56. Edward George PARRIS. Born 23/11/1881 in Frindsbury & baptized 52/1882 at All Saints Church, Frindsbury, Edward George died  1960 in Chatham, age 79. In 1904 Edward George married Marion Merrix HINDS in Strood. Born about 1881 in Cliffe at Hoo, Marion died 1950 in Chatham, age about 68.

They had the following children, all born Cliffe at Hoo:

(1) Gladys Mary, born 1905. (2) Ellen, born 1906. (3) William Edward, born 5/6/1909 & died April 1990 in Chatham, age 80. (4) Kathleen, born 1911. (5) Herbert John, born 21/12/1914 & died 1975 in Chatham, age 60. (6) Leonard, born 2/2/1920 & August 1996 in Southwark, age 76.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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