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54. Bonnie Beryl PARRIS. Born 4/7/1896 in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska & died 8/2/1972 in Downey, Los Angeles County, California, age 76. On 17/7/1915 Bonnie Berylmarried Roswell Eugene HUDSON, son of Charles HUDSON & Maria ROACH, in St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska. Roswell Eugene was born 28/1/1896 in Geneva, York County, Nebraska & died 22/2/1972 in Needles, San Bernadino County, California, age 76.

They had the following child:

(1) Rozwelle Ernest, born 15/9/1916 in Geneva, Nebraska & died 12/6/1976 in Fountain Valley, California. On 11/6/1939 Rozwelle Ernest married Mary Alice HOPE, daughter of Percy HOPE & Lela BROADDUS, in Alhambra Methodist Church, Alhambra, California. Mary Alice was born 13/7/1917 in Long Beach, California & died 17/2/2003 in Garden Grove California. They had 2 children who are still living. Rozwelle Ernest & Mary Alice were divorced. On 9/11/1956, when Rozwelle Ernest was 40, he married Joyce McGANN in Santa Barbara, California.

55. William PARRIS. Born 9/4/1879 in Borstal, Kent & baptized 8/6/1879 at St Margaret’s Church, Rochester. William died 1971 in Chatham, age 92. Occupation: Gardener. On 3/6/1908 William he married Rosa HOTHER, daughter of James & Sarah HOTHER, at the Parish Church, Borstal. The marriage certificate records first names as Rose Helen, but Rosa Ellen was recorded at birth (which was registered quarter ending June 1879 in Alton, Hampshire) & she appears in the 1881 census as “Rosa E”. Rosa died quarter ending December 1923 at Cliffe at Hoo, age 44.

They had 3 children. Although all have died, a living relative has asked for their details to be omitted.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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