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38. William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1847 in Cliffe at Hoo, it’s not known when William died. In 1871 William married Emma WEST in North Aylesford, Kent. Emma was born 1851 in Borstal, Kent.

They had the following children:

(1) Frederick, born 1872 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 1893 in Woolwich, age 20. (2) George, baptized 22/11/1874 at St Margaret’s Rochester. (3) Percival, baptized 27/5/1874 at St Margaret’s Rochester & died 1883, age 6. (4) William. (5) Sarah Ann, born 1881 in Borstal. On 14/8/1907 Sarah married William Edward NELSON at the Parish Church, Borstal. (6) Arthur, born 7/9/1886 in Borstal and died 1941 in Strood, age 54. In 1917, when Arthur was age 31, he married Irene Florence FACKERALL (1894-1973) in Medway.

39. John PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1869 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 19/6/1953 in Dartford, age about 84. Occupation: Clay digger. In 1892 John married Harriett Emily GREEN in Strood. Born 1872 in Cliffe at Hoo, Harriett died 15/3/1928 in Maidstone, age about 55.

They had the following children:

(1) Grace, born 1893 in Cliffe at Hoo. (2) Leonard, born 1895 in Cliffe at Hoo. (3) George John, born 17/8/1896 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 1986 in Caister, Norfolk, age about 89. On 22/12 1923 George John married Florence M. JOHNSON in Greenhithe. Florence was born 17/7/1898 in Strood & died 1992 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, age 94. (4) Sidney, born 24/9/1899 in Stoke, Kent, and died 6/11/1983 in Auckland, New Zealand, age 84. On 29/1/1927, when Sidney was age 27, he married Kathleen Amelia LOCKE in Erith Parish Church. Kathleen was born 25/8/1900 and died 8/5/1940 in Barming Heath Hospital, Maidstone (now Oakwood Hospital). On 29/6/1940, when Sidney was age 41, he married Barbara Jean POTTER in Dartford. Barbara was born 21/1/1909 in Poplar and died 1993 in Auckland, age about 83. On 5/12/1950 Sidney and Barbara left London for Sydney, Australia, on board RMS Orion, with two children (who may be still living). Their intended “country of intended future residence” is shown in the ship’s passenger list as New Zealand. (5) Arthur Robert, born 1900 in Stoke, Kent. (6) Harold Victor, born 18/9/1903 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 27/2/1977 in Swanscombe, age 73. (7) Edith May, born 10/5/1906 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 1986 in Gravesend, age 80. (8) Albert, born 30/5/1909 in Cliffe at Hoo & died 24/5/1996 in Canterbury, age 86.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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