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32. Amos Theodore PARRIS [Parents]. Born 27/12/1860 in Somonauk County, Illinois & died 23/12/1946, probably in Nebraska, age 85. Occupation: Grain dealer; Miller. On 15/11/1880 Amos Theodore married Ella Nora PELKA. Ella Nora was born 1861 in Illinois. It’s not known when she died.

They had seven children; those known were:

(1) Herbert R. (2) Harry Archie. (3) Glenn E. (4) Lawrence. (5) Mildred E., born about 1902 in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska.

33. Albert Ernest PARRIS [Parents]. Born 8/12/1862, in Sandwich, DeKalb County, Illinois & died 12/9/1944 in Geneva, Fillmore County, Nebraska, age 81. On 15/5/1844 Albert Ernest married Mary Elizabeth McCANN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Justice Sedgewick officiating). Born 1/3/1870 in Milwaukee, Mary Elizabeth died 20/2/1944 in Geneva, Fillmore County, Nebraska, age 74.

They had the following children:

(1) Ida Dora, born 21/3/1887 in Sandwich, Illinois. (2) Lillie Blanch. (3) Arthur Lee, born 16/2/1889 in Aurora, Nebraska. Arthur Lee died 12/9/1965 in Wadsworth, Kansas & was buried in the Veterans’ cemetery there. (4) Bonnie Beryl.

34. Melvin PARRIS [Parents]. Born January 1864 in Illinois & died 14/7/1927 in Sandwich, De Kalb County Illinois, age 63. Occupation: Labourer. Around 1886 Melvin married Emma (maiden name unknown). Emma was born December 1867 in England. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children who were all born in Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois (except Ethel):

(1) Ethel, born 1887 in Nebraska. (2) Ralph, born 1890. (3) Bessie, born 1892. (4) Irene, born 1894. (5) Clifford, born 1897. (6) Jeanette, born 1900. (7) Joan, born about 1902. (8) Hazel, born about 1904. (9) Kenneth, born about 1911.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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