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25. Henry PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1861 in Halling & died 1918 in Strood, age 57. Occupation: Chalk pit labourer. On 30/4/1883 Henry married Eleanor-Sarah Turner CRADDUCK, daughter of Thomas Turner CRADDUCK & Maria HOMEWOOD, at St Mary’s Church, West Malling. Born about 1862 in East Peckham, Eleanor-Sarah died November 1883, age about 21.

They had the following child:

(1) Eleanor Maud, born 22/10/1883 in West Malling & died 1886 in Strood, age 2.

On 19/10/1885 Henry married Ellen TOMKIN, daughter of George Richard TOMKIN & Ansley TAPP, in Stansted. Born 1/10/1863 in Dunks Green, Wrotham, Ellen was baptized 25/10/1863 in Plaxtol & died 24/8/1943 at 1 Pilgrim Cottages, Upper Halling, age 79.

They had the following children:

(1) Emily Phyllis, born 3/8/1888 in Halling. On 11/10/1915 Emily married Tom GREEN, son of William GREEN, a retired Minister, at Halling Parish Church. Emily died 1964, age 75. (2) Mary, born 1889. On 10/1/1914 Mary married Edmund George DODGE at Halling Parish Church. (3) Annie, born about 1891 & died 27/11/1979, age 89. On 26/4/1911 Annie married Frederick Charles DODGE at Halling Parish Church. (4) Emma, born 12/9/1891 & baptized (as an adult) 1/12/1926. (5) Nellie, born 17/4/1896 & baptized (as an adult) 1/12/1926. On 22/1/1918 Nellie married Edgar STEVENS at the Parish Church, Halling. (6) William, born about 1899. (7) Rhoda, born 29/6/1901 & baptized (as an adult) 6/4/1930. Rhoda died 28/10/1965, age 64. (8) Leslie. (9) Evelyn Frances, born 20/2/1907 in Halling. On 23/8/1930 Evelyn married George Rowland BLACKMAN at Halling Parish Church.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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