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21. William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1852 in Halling & died 28/1/1903 in Belvedere, age about 50. Occupation: Metropolitan Police Constable. In 1870 William married Emma TAYLOR. Emma was born about 1853 in Dartford.

They had the following children:

(1) Emma, born about 1872 in Halling. In 1898, Emma married William James FRYER in Dartford. (2) Ada, born 13/12/1873 in Southwark & baptized 5/7/1882 at All Saints, Belvedere. (3) William. (4) Lillie, born 26/11/1879 in Erith & baptized 5/7/1882 at All Saints, Belvedere. (5) Ethel M, born about 1883 in Belvedere. (6) Mabel Sarah, born 30/41885 in Belvedere & baptized 5/7/1882 at All Saints, Belvedere.

22. Thomas P. PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1853 in Halling, Thomas died 1892, age 39. On 4/8/1884 Thomas married Rhoda TOMKIN, daughter of George Richard TOMKIN & Ansley TAPP, in Halling. Rhoda was born 1865 & died 1940, age about 74.

They had the following children:

(1) Edward Thomas. (2) Arabella Frances, born 1888 in Halling. Arabella died 1905, age 17. (3) Alfred George, born 1890 in Halling & died 1894, age 4. (4) Albert William, born 1892. On 8/1/1916 Albert William married Annie Clara EXCELL at the Parish Church, Halling.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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