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11. John PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1840 in Stansted & died 1886 in Lambeth, age 46. Occupation: Ordinary seaman in the Royal Navy and described as a Steamship rigger (on his 1867 marriage certificate); Navy pensioner (on his children’s birth certificates), a rigger in a naval dockyard and a greengrocer (in the census). On 15/6/1867, when John was age 27, he married Ellen BLAKE in the Register Office, Sheppey, Kent. Ellen was born about 1850 in Jersey, Channel Islands & died 1880 in Sheppey, age about 30.

They had the following children:

(1) John. (2) Ellen Catherine, born 1869 in Sheerness. (3) Ada Elizabeth, born 1/8/1870 in Sheerness and died 26/7/1920 Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, age 49. On 31/5/1883, when Ada was age 12, she left Liverpool on board the “Sardinian” bound for Quebec, as part of the Home Children programme, arriving there 10/6/1883. On 4/8/1888, when Ada was age 17, she married James MOSIER in Toronto, Canada. They had four children. On 29/10/1896, presumably after James’ death, Ada married Archie Vinton STREETER (1875-1925) in Lansing. They divorced on 25/5/1907 on the grounds of Archie’s desertion. On 3/10/1910, when Ada was age 40, she married Clarence DRISCOLL (1877-1943) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. (4) Catherine, born 1874 in Chatham. (5) Flora, born about 1878 in Strood.

In 1880, when John was age 40, he married Elizabeth Julia SULLIVAN in Sheppey. Elizabeth Julia was born about 1856 in Upnor. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Ernest John. (2) Reginald, born 16/8/1884 in Peckham. (3) Victor, born 1910 in Portsmouth & died 1996, age about 86. (4) Alfred, born 1912 & died 1989, age about 77.

After John’s death in 1886, Elizabeth married Cyrus TIPPER in 1891, in Portsea.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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