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7. John PARRIS [Parents]. Born about 1804 in Snodland, John died quarter ending June 1877 in Bromley. Occupation: Ag. labourer. On 12/10/1834, when John was age about 30, he married Eliza FISHER in Ash-by-Wrotham. Born about 1816 in Canterbury, it is not known when Eliza died.

They had the following children:

(1) Phoebe, baptized 9/8/1836 at Borough Green Baptist Church, Wrotham. (2) William. (3) Katherine, born about 1838 in Stansted. (4) John.

8. James PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1797 in Stansted. Occupation: Ag. labourer. It is not known when James died but it was before 1881. He doesn’t appear in that year’s census and his wife is described as a widow. On 3/11/1823 when James was age about 26, he married Mary Ann HARRIS, daughter of John HARRIS & Hannah CARTER, in Halling, Kent. Mary Ann was born 4/8/1805 in Aylesbury and was baptized at St Mary Aylesbury on 22/9/1805. Mary Ann died sometime between 1891 & 1901 but the exact date is not known.

They had the following children:

(1) Mary Elizabeth, baptized 15/8/1824 & died about 1825 age 17 months. (2) Mark, baptized 25/12/1825 in Halling & died 1828, age 2. (3) Eliza, baptized 26/8/1827 in Halling & died 27/1/1918, age 90. On 22/7/1848 Eliza married Edward Humphrey BEADLE, at St John The Baptist Church, Halling. (4) William. (5) John Alfred. (6) James G. (7) Harriet, baptized 16/5/1834 in Halling. On 4/6/1853 Harriet married Charles BEADLE at the Parish Church, Halling. (8) Henry, born about 1837 in Halling. (9) Jane, born about 1839. About 1860 Jane married Alfred MONK. (10) Hannah, born 1841 & died 1903, age 62. On 29/6/1861 Hannah married William ROOTS in Halling. (11) Dorothy, born quarter ending December 1844 in Halling. On 19/11/1864 Dorothy married Ambrose HOMEWOOD in Halling. (12) Amos. (13) Esther, born 1847. In the quarter ending June 1869 Esther married John NEVILLE in Malling. John & Esther were probably unaware that before their marriage they were third cousins, one generation removed.

Parris of Wrotham, Kent

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