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1. William JONES. All we know at present is that William  was a “grocer, chemist and druggist” who married Anne, but her maiden name & their marriage date is unknown. There is no trace of a marriage for them  in the Much Wenlock parish registers.

They had the following children, all baptized Much Wenlock:

(1) Thomas, baptized 18/7/1802. (2) William, baptized 3/9/1803. (3) Mary, baptized 25/8/1804. (4) St John, baptized 21/11/1806.

(5) Sarah, baptized 7/6/1809. (6) Anne, baptized 23/7/1811. (7) Elizabeth, baptized 15/10/1813. (8) William, baptized 5/12/1815.
(9) Alice, baptized 3/3/1819. (10) Joseph.

2. Joseph JONES [Parents]. Baptized 8/4/1821 in Much Wenlock, Joseph died 26/11/1864 in Walsall, age 43. The cause of death “Diseased liver and phthisis” (tuberculosis). Occupation: Saddler. On 25/9/1854, when Joseph was age 33, he married Elizabeth WRIGHT, daughter of Jonathan WRIGHT & Jane BUZZARD, at the Parish Church, Knossington. Elizabeth was baptized 6/11/1825 in Knossington & died there 4/6/1895, age 69. Before her marriage to Joseph, Elizabeth had the following child (father unknown):

(1) Frederick Wright, born 10/4/1848 in Knossington and died 24/9/1912 in Helmsley, Yorkshire, age 64.

Joseph Jones & Elizabeth Wright had the following children:

(1) Harriet, born 1855 in Walsall & baptized 13/7/1856 in Knossington. Harriet may have died 1937 in Kent, age 82. In 1877, when Harriet was age 22, she married Tom Henry MOULD, son of Henry MOULD & Catherine CARTER. Born 1854 in Skeffington, Tom died sometime between 1901 & 1911 - Harriet was described as a widow in the 1911 census. (2) Jane Elizabeth, born 1857 in Walsall & baptized 31/3/1868 in Knossington. Jane Elizabeth died 20/1/1929 in Lewisham, age about 71. In 1884, when Jane Elizabeth was age 26, she married Henry HARRIS, son of Henry HARRIS & Harriet LAMBERT, in Tunbridge, Kent. They had no children. (3) Jonathan William. (4) Joseph, born 1861, Walsall. It’s not known when he died. (5) Richard Williams.

Jones of Much Wenlock, Shropshire

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