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13. Harry HOWARD [Parents]. Born about 1868 in Birstall & died 1944 in Morley, age about 76. Occupation: Warp Dresser in Mill. In the quarter ending June 1890, when Harry was age about 22, he married Alice SCALING in Leeds. Alice was born about 1865 in Leeds. They had the following children:

(1) Minnie, born quarter ending September 1890 in Hunslet, died quarter ending September 1893 in Holbeck, age 3. (2) Ellen (Nellie), born about 1891 in Beeston, died about 1977. (3) Rowland, born quarter ending March 1895 in Beeston, died quarter ending June 1946 in Spen Valley, age 51. (4) Arthur, born quarter ending March 1897 in Beeston. Arthur was killed in action 27/7/1917, age 20, in Belgium. He was buried at the Ramscappelle Military Cemetery, Nieuwpoort, West Vlaanderen, Belgium. (5) Mary, born quarter ending June 1899 in Morley. (6) Albert Edward, born quarter ending June 1901 in Morley, died quarter ending September 1960 in Harrogate, age 59. (7) Tom, born 17/5/1903 in Morley, died quarter ending December 1989 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, age 86.

14. Herbert HOWARD [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1871 in Leeds, it’s not known when Herbert died but it was after 1911 – he appears in that year’s census. Occupation: Soldier (1891); Warp Dresser in a Woollen Mill (1901, 1911). In the quarter ending December 1891, when Herbert was age 20, he married Ada LEE in Leeds. They had the following children:

(1) Jesse, born quarter ending June 1898 in Churwell. (2) Lee, born quarter ending September 1900 in Churwell. (3) Fanny, born quarter ending September 1902 in Morley.
(4) Lister, born quarter ending September 1904 in Morley.

Howard of Holmfirth, Yorkshire

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