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5. Henry HOWARD [Parents]. Born about 1839 in Holme, Henry died quarter ending June 1886 in Holbeck, Leeds, age about 46. Occupation: Woollen Spinner. In the quarter ending June 1861, when Henry was age about 21, he married Mary HIRST in Dewsbury. Born about 1840 in Dewsbury, it’s not known when she died. They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth, born quarter ending March 1861 in Birstall. (2) Harry [13]. (3) Herbert [14].

6. Caleb HOWARD [Parents]. Born quarter ending March 1846 in Holme, Caleb died quarter ending December 1908 in Holbeck, Leeds, age 63. Occupation:  Woollen Spinner &, around 1901, an Iron foundary labourer. In the quarter ending December 1877, when Caleb was age about 31, he married Ann ROSINDALE in Leeds. Born about 1850 in Beeston, it’s not known when she died. They had the following children:

(1) Jane Elizabeth, born quarter ending Match 1885. (2) Annie, born quarter ending Match 1887.

7. William HOWARD [Parents].  Born quarter ending September 1848 in Holme, it’s not known when William died. Occupation: Woollen Mule Spinner.

In the quarter ending September 1867, when William was age about 19, he married Eunice FIRTH in Dewsbury. Eunice was born about 1845 in Pudsey & died 1884 in Dewsbury, age about 42. They had the following children, all born Batley Carr:

(1) Lena, born quarter ending June 1870 & died quarter ending June 1891, age about 21. (2) Edith, born quarter ending September 1872. (3) Albert Edward, born quarter ending March 1875. (4) Eliza, born quarter ending June 1877.

In the quarter ending September 1885, when William was age about 28, he married Sarah Esther LISTER in Dewsbury. Sarah Esther was born about 1848 in Batley.  No children from this marriage have so far been traced.

Howard of Holmfirth, Yorkshire

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