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93. Thornhill George CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 28/12/1897 in Swansea & died 21/7/1951 in Bournemouth, age 53. On 28/3/1920, when Thornhill was age 22, he married Evelyn EVANS in Morriston, Glamorgan. Born 8/8/1898, Evelyn died 1976 in Reading, age about 77. They had the following children:

(1) Margaret, born 12/10/1923 & died 8/1/1997, age 73. (2) Alice, born 5/11/1925 & died 30/11/1997, age 72. (3) Ernest, born 1927 & died 5/2/1942, age about 15. And 2 children who are still living.

94. Arthur Ernest CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 3/10/1895 in Edmonton, London, Arthur Ernest died 3/5/1983 in Chedoke General Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, age 87. Buried 6/5/1983 in Whitechapel Memorial Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario. On 4/8/1928 when Arthur Ernest was 32, he married Marguerite Helen HANNAH, daughter of Albert HANNAH & Maria TRUESDALE, in Hamilton, Ontario. Born 29/6/1895 in Winchester, Mass. USA, Marguerite Helen died 24/11/1982 in Henderson General Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, age 87. Buried 26/11/1982 in Whitechapel Memorial Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario. They had the following children:

(1) Marguerite Mary, born 6/9/1932 in Hamilton, Ontario & died 1989. On 25/10/1952 she married Leonard Earl HANNAH, who died 1990. And 2 children who are still living.

95. William Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 3/11/1902 in London, William Henry died 21/3/1971 in Hamilton, Ontario, age 68. On 17/6/1920, when William Henry was age 17, he married Williamina KNIGHT in Canada. Williamina died 30/1/1983. It’s not known when she was born. They had the following children:

(1) Albert. (2) Catherine. (3) Elizabeth.

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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