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84. Charles CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born about 1854 in Beer, Devon. It’s not known when Charles died. In the quarter ending March 1876, when Charles was age about 21, he married Sarah Elizabeth BANBURY in Axminster. Sarah Elizabeth was born about 1853 in Beer. They had the following children, all born Beer:

(1) Claude John, born quarter ending March 1877. (2) Gertrude Helen, born quarter ending December 1878. (3) Arthur Edward, born quarter ending December 1880. (4) Irene M, born quarter ending September 1885.

85. Orinea CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 25/3/1860 in Beer. Orinea died 17/12/1900 at 3 William Street, Marylebone, London. Cause of death certified by E. W. Proctor MRCS as Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Haemoptysis. In 1878, when Orinea was age about 18, she married Francis Osmint EBERS. Born 18/2/1860 in Kensington, his birth certificate gives father as Frederick EBERS & mother Sarah FRY. His marriage certificate gives father as Henry EBERS (deceased). The nature of Sarah Fry’s relationship with a Henry OSMINT is not known but note Francis’s middle name and the different birth & marriage entries. Francis died 17/11/1900 age about 41 at Marylebone Infirmary. Cause of death certified by J. Lunn FRCS as Phthisis (i.e. TB), meningitis. Occupation: Hot Water Fitter. They had the following children:

(1) Orinea Osmint, born 29/7/1879 in Beer, Orinea died 25/10/1914 in Marylebone Infirmary, Kensington, age 35, reputedly after a fall down the cellar steps. Cause of death certified by J. A. Pindraw MD as (1) Cirrhosis of Liver; (2) Cardiac dilatation. On 28/1/1898, when Orinea was age 19, she married Albert DORRAN (1869-1916), son of Henry DORRAN, in Marylebone. (2) Francis, born about 1882. (3) Percival Silas, born quarter ending March 1883. (4) Henry Osmond, born quarter ending June 1889. (5) Ethel Beatrice, born quarter ending March 1892.

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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