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72. Thomas George CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1864 in Membury, Thomas George died there 5/3/1941, age 77.  Occupation: Stonemason. In 1898, when Thomas George was 34, he married Laura Maria MOSS, in Axminster. Born 1870, Laura Maria died 12/4/1952 in Membury, age 82. They had the following children, all born Membury:

(1) Frances Louisa Laura, born 1900 & died 1915, age 14. (2) Jessie Annie, born 1904 & died 30/4/1955, age 51. (3) Albert George, born 1908, died 20/10/1944 near Geel, Belgium, age 36. He was buried in Geel War Cemetery, Antwerpen, Belgium. (4) Eva Laura Nicola, born 6/12/1911.

73. Robert William CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1869 in Membury, it’s not known when Robert died. Occupation: Butcher. In the quarter ending June 1893, when Robert William was age about 24, he married Mary DARKE in Axminster. Mary was born 1865 & died 1900 in Axminster, age 35. They had the following children, both born Membury:

(1) William, born & died 1895. (2) Harry Darke, born 1896. Harry was killed in action 27/3/1918, age 22, near the village of Pozieres, France during the final Battle of the Somme. He is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial.

In quarter ending June 1903, when Robert William was age about 33, he married Susan Maude ATTWOOLL, in Membury. Susan was born quarter ending June 1871 in Weymouth.

They had the following children:

(1) Irene Maude, born about 1905. (2) George, born about 1912.

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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