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67. John Cole CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born on 7/3/1829 in Tiverton, John Cole died 16/12/1899 in Clyde, New Zealand, age 70. Occupation: Gold miner; mining agent; sheep farmer. On 20/9/1860 when John was 31, he married Elizabeth Ewing ALLAN, in Castlemaine, Australia. Born 9/3/1832 in Glasgow, Victoria, Elizabeth died 16/7/1909 in Christchurch, NZ, age 77. They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth Sarah, born 29/5/1862 in East Collingwood, Australia. Elizabeth died 22/7/1914 in Christchurch, NZ, age 52. Buried 24/7/1914 in Linwood cemetery, Christchurch. (2) William Allan (3) Emma Josephine, born 9/2/1866 & died 3/2/1945 in Auckland, NZ, age 78. On 30/3/1899 when Emma was age 33, she married Adolphe Monod FEIST, in Petone, NZ. (4) Agnes Allan, born 9/8/1867 in Alexandra, New Zealand & died 26/8/1944 in Christchurch, age 77. Agnes married Thomas McDONALD.(5) Mary Allan, born 6/8/1870 in Alexandra, Mary Allan died 1955, age 84. Mary Allan married Donald Johnstone McGAVIN. (6) Eleanor Cole, born 1872 & died 1946, age about 74. On 3/3/1904 when Eleanor was age about 32, she married Adolph ZIMPEL, in Waipukurau. (The family name was subsequently Anglicized to Temple.)

68. Walter CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1842 in Newport, Isle of Wight. It’s not known when Walter died. Occupation: Hotel keeper. In 1874, when Walter was age about 31, he married Annie BAILEY in Winchester. Born about 1840, Annie died 1882, age about 42. They had the following children, both born Winchester:

(1) James Walter, born quarter ending June 1875. (2) William Robert, born about 1877.

In 1883, when Walter was age 41, he married Annie BOUGHTON in Kingston, Surrey. Annie was born about 1857 in Cobham. They had the following children all born Winchester:

(1) Elsie, born about 1884.  (2) Nora, born about 1887.  (3) Douglas Boughton, born about 1890.

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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