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61. Frederick Stone CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 2/8/1851 in Axminster, Frederick died 4/2/1924. Occupation: House painter. On 31/1/1877, when Frederick was age 25, he married Susan LUGG. Susan was born 27/12/1852 & died 1/3/1947. They had the following children:

(1) Reginald, born about 1877. (2) Ethel Maud, born about 1881. (3) Dora, born 1885. (4) Frederick Henry, born quarter ending March 1889 in Lyme Regis. (5) Lilian Lucretia, born 10/4/1892 & died 18/12/1970, age 78.

62. Charles CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1823, Charles died 1882, age 59. Occupation: Fisherman. In quarter ending March 1843, when Charles was age about 20, he married Eliza DRIVER. Born 1822, Eliza died 1891 in Seaton, age 69. They had the following children:

(1) Louisa, born about quarter ending December 1843 in Beer. (2) James (3) Charles

63. Silas CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1827 in Branscombe, it is not known when Silas died. Occupation: Baker. In 1859, when Silas was 32, he married Frances LANE, in Axminster. Frances was born about 1833. It’s not known when she died. They had the following child:

(1) Orinea

64. Absalom CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born October 1830, Absalom died in 1910, age 79. Occupation: Fisherman. In the quarter ending June 1853, when Absalom was about 23, he married Elizabeth SEAWARD in Axminster. They had the following children, all born Beer:

(1) Elizabeth Ann, born quarter ending March 1855. (2) Mary Anna, born quarter ending June 1857. (3) Robert, born quarter ending June 1863. (4) Thirza, born quarter ending March 1867. (5) Silas

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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