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51. James Cole CHAPPLE [Parents]. Baptized 24/9/1797 in Axminster, James died 1862, age 64. Occupation: Superintendent of Excise. It is not known who James married, but they had the following children:

(1) Maria, born about 1837 in Alloa, Scotland. (2) Walter (3) Blanch, born about 1846 in Crediton. (4) Rose, born about 1847 in Exeter.

In quarter ending March 1848, when James Cole was age about 51, he married Mary Kerslake BURDGE. Mary was born about 1828  in Taunton. They had the following children, all born Exeter:

(1) Eugene, born about 1850. (2) Maud, born about 1851. (3) Dora Louise, born quarter ending September 1853. (4) Garth (5) Ruth, born quarter ending September 1856. (6) Percy, born quarter ending June 1858. (7) Ernest, born about 1862.

52. Robert CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 15/4/1799 in Axminster, Robert died 1/11/1859, age 60. Buried 6/11/1859 in Membury. On 27/6/1816, when Robert was 17, he married Mary WHITE, in Axminster. Born 1789, Mary died 19/1/1868, age 79. They had the following children:

(1) Robert (2) Mary Ann, born 1821. Mary Ann died 19/11/1877, age 56 & was buried 21/11/1877.

53. Edwin CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born about 1825 in Axminster, Edwin died quarter ending December 1894, age given as 68. Occupation: Bank manager. In 1862, when Edwin was 37, he married Sarah Ann WAKELY, daughter of William WAKELY & Charlotte HARRIS. Baptized 15/9/1833 in Bridport, Sarah Ann died 1897, age about 64. They had the following children:

(1) William Edwin Pitfield, born 20/8/1863. William died, age 63. Occupation: Solicitor of Trinity Square, Axminster. (2) Charlotte Edwina Pitfield, born 1865 & died 1957, age 92. (3) Julia Elizabeth, born 1868.

Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

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