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11. Joseph BRADBURY [Parents] Born quarter ending March 1864 in Saddleworth. It is not known when Joseph died. Occupation: Woollen warper. In the quarter ending September 1887, when Joseph was age 23, he married Ann Eliza WRIGLEY, daughter of Frank & Betty Wrigley. Born 15/2/1865, it is not known when Ann Eliza died.

They had the following children:

(1) Albert, born about 1888. (2) Sarah Jane, born quarter ending December 1889. (3) Ethel, born 16/11/1893. On 28/4/1917, when Ethel was age 23, she married Julius HOWARD at the Parish Church, Saddleworth. Ethel died 29/4/1962 in Blackpool, age 59. (4) Evelyn, born quarter ending June 1904 & died 3/12/1982 in Upper Mill, age 78. In the quarter ending September 1927, when Evelyn was age 23, she married Frank Eustace WIDD. Frank was born 21/10/1902 and died 23/2/1970, age 67.

12. Stanley BRADBURY [Parents] Born quarter ending September 1868, Stanley died 12/12/1935 in Warrington, age 67. Occupation: Telegraphist. On 6/4/1891, when Stanley was age 22, he married Leah MARTIN, in St Thomas’s, Bradley, Huddersfield. Born quarter ending June 1870 in Huddersfield, Leah died 29/5/1948 in Warrington, age 77. They had the following children:

(1) Harold, born quarter ending September 1892 in Huddersfield. (2) James Franklin, born quarter ending December 1894 in Huddersfield. (3) Leonard, born quarter ending December 1896 in Warrington. (4) Doris, born quarter ending December 1900 in Warrington.

Bradbury of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

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