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5. John BRADBURY [Parents] Baptized  23/10/1825 in Marsden, John died quarter ending December 1872 in Saddleworth, age about 47. Occupation: Woollen Weaver. In the quarter ending December 1849, when John was age 24, he married Sarah BENTLEY in Huddersfield. Sarah was born about 1825 in Saddleworth & died there 9/8/1902, age about 77. They had the following children, all born Saddleworth:

(1) Ann, born quarter ending June 1850.
(2) William (3) Martha, born about 1854. (4) Esther, born quarter ending June 1857 & died 27/11/1882, age 25. (5) James Radcliffe
(6) John Edward, born quarter ending December 1863 & died 14/4/1914, age 50. (7) Wilson
(8) Charles Frederick, born about 1863.

6. James BRADBURY [Parents] Baptized 16/3/1829 in Marsden, it is not known when James died. On 6/1/1851, when James was age 21, he married Mary RHODES in Rochdale. Mary was born about 1829. They had the following children:

(1) Sarah, born about 1852. (2) Samuel Radcliffe, born 1854. In the quarter ending September 1879. (3) John William, born about 1856. (4) James Franklin (5) Joseph
(6) Stanley

7. William BRADBURY [Parents] Born quarter ending March 1852, William died 14/2/1920 in Oldham, age 68. Occupation: House Joiner. In quarter ending June 1876, when William was age 24, he married Elizabeth WILKS in Saddleworth. Elizabeth was born quarter ending June 1852 in Bingley. It is not known when she died. They had the following children, all born Oldham:

(1) Arthur William, born quarter ending June 1878. (2) John Wilks, born quarter ending June 1880. (3) Clara, born about 1882. (4) Ethel, born quarter ending June 1878. (5) Arnold, born quarter ending December 1887. (6) Harry, born about 1892.

Bradbury of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

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