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Fairbanks & Runninghill

9. James BRADBURY [Parents]. Baptized 20/2/1763, it is not known when James died. Lived at Runninghill.

On 15/5/1788, when James was age about 25, he married Betty BUCKLEY, of Thurnstone Clough. Betty’s baptism & death dates are not known. They had the following children, all baptized St Chad, Saddleworth:

(1) Mally, baptized 16/10/1788. (2) Hannah, baptized 6/6/1790 & died 21/8/1817, age about 27. (3) Betty, baptized 8/1/1792. (4) James, baptized 9/11/1794. (5) John, baptized 5/2/1797. (6) James, baptized 91/11/1798.
(7) Sarah, baptized 21/4/1799. (8) Sarah, baptized 5/1/1800. (9) Betty, baptized 23/8/1803. (10) Simeon

10. John BRADBURY [Parents]. Baptized 2/3/1766, John died between June 1841 & March 1851; he appeared in the earlier census but not the latter. Lived at Runninghill Head. On 7/5/1798, when John was age about 32, he married Anne PLATT. Anne died before 1841; she does not appear in that year’s census with her husband. They had the following children:

(1) Thomas, baptized 22/6/1804. (2) Simon
(3) Reuben (4) John (5) Joseph, born between 1817 & 1821.

11. William BRADBURY [Parents]. Baptized 1/11/1767, it is not known when William died. William married Betty PLATT, date unknown. It is not known when Betty died. They had the following children, all baptized St Chad, Saddleworth:

(1) James, baptized 6/2/1791. (2) William
(3) Hannah, baptized 6/11/1794. (4) Sarah, baptized
12/2/1797. (5) John, baptized 9/12/1798.

Bradbury of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

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