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Chapple of Dalwood, Devon

Howard of Holmfirth, Yorkshire

Bradbury of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

Johnson of Stepney, London

Jones of Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Parris of Wrotham & Parris of Ightham, Kent

To the Jones family: Burridge | Dalladay | Harris | Mould | Wright

To the Parris family: Beadle | Harris | Homewood | Luchford | Mayatt | Monk  Neville | Payne | Roots | Tomkin

To the Chapple family: Cochrane | Pitfield | Staniford | Tippins |
Trivett | Wakely | Witpen

We are Steve & Pauline Jones from Yorkshire, England. Welcome to our website.

We’ve been researching our family history for around 20 years. On that journey we’ve had surprises (like finding a 17th century murderer); discovered war heroes (including a Victoria Cross holder); had an insight into tragedy (the many lives cut so short due to disease or accident); but we have also encountered hope with some ancestors who had the courage to leave England for a new, and hopefully better, life in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Our aim is to share information about our ancestors and provide a resource for others with a research interest in the family names featured here. This includes information from census returns, military service and, of course, birth, marriage and death records. We hope you’ll find something of interest. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback we’d love to hear from you - contact us.

We take great care to ensure that the information is fully researched and accurate. The site has over 700 pages of information on more than 5,700 individuals & 1600 families so errors or omissions may happen from time to time. For privacy reasons, we do not knowingly include any information about people who may still be alive. If we’ve got anything wrong, contact us.

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Featured families

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Also families related by marriage

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